Naxos Beaches

Beaches for Everyone - From Families to Naturists

Naxos, Greece

The largest island of the Cyclades has a long history and some of the finest beaches in Greece. Family-friendly but also for those who like nude beaches, it’s a destination for everyone. Found east of Paros, it’s easily reached by plane from Athens (45 minutes) or by ferry from several other islands (including Ios, Mykonos, Santorini and Paros). Visitors are welcomed at the port in the capital Chora by the sight of a marble “gate” (the Portara, which was part of the Temple of Apollo in 530 BC), and from there they usually head to the hotels of Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios. In between are fishing villages, fertile plains and countless white churches.

Chora is a scenic place, with beautiful sunsets. Its maze of whitewashed streets lead to traditional tavernas, small churches and shops, and is a recommended destination after a day at the beach. Most beaches and villages are connected to Chora by bus.

The Best Beaches in Naxos

Agia Anna, Naxos, Greece
  • Agia Anna
  • Cedar trees, clear waters and golden sand attract families to this beach next to the equally-popular Agios Prokopios. It’s faced by several hotels and restaurants, and there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent (if you’re staying at one of the hotels, you may get them for free). It’s linked to Chora by bus.

    Plaka, Naxos, Greece
  • Plaka
  • Continue walking down Agia Anna, and once you go past the umbrellas and reach a wilder section, you’ll arrive at Plaka. This long sandy beach is essentially a continuation of Agia Anna, and is known to be nudist-friendly. The water is great for swimming, and the dunes make it one of the most peaceful and naturally beautiful beaches in all of the Greek Islands.

  • Agios Prokopios
  • Naxos' most popular beach is made up of white sand, and stretches for 1.5km. It offers calm, clear, shallow waters, and attracts swimmers and sunbathers of all ages. It’s named after the chapel of Agios Prokopios seen on the western side, and although part of it has umbrellas and sunbeds, hotels and restaurants, another part is free of tourist facilities. It can be reached by bus from Chora.

  • Agios Georgios
  • Its location close to Chora and the port (about a 5 to 10-minute walk) make this beach one of the most crowded in Naxos. It has many umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, but you need to get there early to still find any available. It’s protected from the northern winds and has shallow calm waters, making it popular with families. It’s also known as a top windsurfing spot.

    Top 10 Most Recommended Hotels in Naxos

      Nissaki Beach Hotel, Naxos

    • Nissaki Beach Hotel
    • Offering ocean views from almost everywhere, this hotel is located in Agios Georgios beach. It has a large pool, but the ocean is just a few steps away.

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      Adriani Hotel, Naxos

    • Adriani Hotel
    • Offering views of Chora from many of the rooms, this colorful hotel is not far from the port and within walking distance of restaurants and bars.

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      Margaret of Naxos Hotel

    • Margaret of Naxos Hotel
    • An ideal choice for couples, this contemporary hotel faces Agios Prokopios beach. Some of the rooms have balconies, but not all have views.

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      Kouros Art Hotel, Naxos

    • Kouros Art Hotel
    • Open to adults only, this stylish, minimalist 4-star hotel is just a short walk from Agios Prokopios beach. There are ocean views from many of the rooms, from the pool and garden.

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      Ampelos Resort Hotel, Naxos

    • Ampelos Resort Hotel
    • This is the hotel for you if you want to stay by the beach (Plaka) but in a calm location. Some of the rooms face the sea, others a garden.

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      Katerina Hotel, Naxos

    • Katerina Hotel
    • A romantic choice for couples, this hotel is just a few feet from Agios Prokopios beach. It has a large pool and several spacious rooms with a classic décor.

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      Iria Beach Art Hotel, Naxos

    • Iria Beach Art Hotel
    • Here you’re almost literally on the beach of Agia Anna. You walk out of your room and step on the sand, and from there you may also walk to Plaka beach. Every room is different, but all with a simple yet tasteful décor.

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      Xenia Hotel, Naxos

    • Xenia Hotel
    • If you want to stay right in the center of the island, this is the choice. It’s very close to the port and the famous Portara, and surrounded by several places to eat and drink. Buses nearby take you to the beaches.

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      Ilion Hotel, Naxos

    • Ilion Hotel
    • Quite popular with families and couples, this hotel is the top choice by the beach of Agios Georgios. The rooms are classically styled, and many have a balcony.

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      Valena Mare Hotel, Naxos

    • Valena Mare Hotel
    • Combining modern design and traditional Cycladic features, this hotel is a 5-minute walk from Plaka beach. Its pool is surrounded by a lush garden, making it one of the most romantic hotels in Naxos.

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