Panormos Beach

Large beach for sunbathing on sunbeds or au naturel on the sand

Panormos Beach, Mykonos

Previously a well-kept secret only reached by car, this beach on the northern part of the island has been discovered, thanks to the introduction of a bus service.
Half of it is crowded, filled with umbrellas, sunbeds and a bar, and the other half is usually frequented by nudists. It’s a very relaxing beach, with crystal-clear waters. The bar (usually playing loud music) is attractive but expensive. Despite the nudity on the far end of the beach, and the music from the bar, it also attracts families with children.

Panormos Beach, Mykonos
Panormos Beach, Mykonos

How to Get to Panormos Beach

Panormos, Mykonos

You can now reach Panormos by bus, which departs from the Old Port. However there are usually only a handful of buses throughout the day, so going by car is a better option, especially when there is plenty of space for parking close to the beach (pictured above).
For more information about taking the bus, look here: Mykonos Buses

Hotels in Panormos Beach

Panormos Village Hotel, Mykonos

Panormos Village Hotel

This is really your only choice to stay in Panormos, but it’s a good one. With a beautiful view over the sea and the beach, it’s made up of studios and apartments, some of them with a balcony or terrace. There’s a swimming pool and a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

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