Peter the Pelican

Mykonos' mascot and his friends

Pelican in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos has an official mascot. Its name is Petros (or Peter), and it’s a famous pelican that can be seen roaming around Paraportiani Church and the surrounding harbor. Actually, it’s a substitute for the original pelican that arrived wounded on the island in 1954 after a severe storm. It was healed and became such a beloved resident, that when it was struck by a car and died in 1985, grieving locals replaced it immediately with a similar pelican, and this time it brought company. They were gifts from different personalities and institutions, like Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, who offered the pelican Irene, and the Hamburg Zoo which offered another Petros. You’ll now encounter several pelicans in Mykonos, and you’ll find that they don’t mind posing for photos.

Peter the Pelican in Mykonos, Greece