Nude Beaches in Mykonos and the Greek Islands

From an official naturist beach to other clothing-optional beaches in Greece

Nude Beach, Greece

Greece has some of the world’s best beaches for a swim, with or without your bathing suit. The country is known for its clothing-optional bathing areas, although almost all of them are not official nude beaches. The natural beauty that usually surrounds the beaches of the Greek islands often encourages people who’ve never done it before to take it all off and feel closer to nature. Mykonos, which was one of the first islands to be discovered by tourists, attracted hippies and naturists, and continues to be a favorite of those looking for a holiday in the sun au naturel. There are no official nude beaches, but a few do usually have a considerable number of nude sunbathers, usually concentrated on one side of the beach, away from the bars and sunbeds, and usually fewer in number during the most crowded days of July and August, especially on weekends.
Although the island is no longer the nudist paradise it once was, you can be sure to find a spot for you. Below is a list of the most nudist-friendly beaches. Remember that if you happen to be unlucky to find them full of swimsuits on one of the crowded summer days, you can always keep walking towards the more secluded areas (usually by rocks), or you can simply head to another beach.

Nude Beaches in Mykonos

  • Elia
  • Elia Beach, Mykonos

    This is the beach with the most nudists, most of them gay men. It is currently the most popular beach for gay travelers, who tend to head towards the very little free space without sunbeds. As this is a long beach, the central area with all the umbrellas and sunbeds attracts all kinds of people, from straight couples to families, who keep their bathing suits on.
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  • Agrari
  • Agrari Beach, Mykonos

    Found next to Elia, this beach receives the nudists who can’t find a spot at Elia, or who simply want a quieter, more secluded beach. They’re usually gay men.
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  • Paraga
  • Paraga Beach, Mykonos

    Found up a cliff from the popular Paradise Beach (formerly nudist friendly, now almost 100% textile), one end of this sandy beach is often 50% nudist, except in July and August when that number may be as low as 10-to-25%. Most of those are older straight couples and a few gay couples.
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  • Panormos
  • Panormos Beach, Mykonos

    This formerly secret beach in the northern part of the island has been discovered. Half of it is filled with sunbeds and the other half keeps a more relaxing, wilder atmosphere. That wilder end is usually for nudists, usually young couples, both straight and gay.
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  • Agios Sostis
  • Agios Sostis Beach, Mykonos

    Not far from Panormos, this beach remains free of crowds, except in late July and August. On the days with the fewer crowds, it can be mostly nude, with people of all ages.
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  • Kapari
  • Kapari Beach, Mykonos

    This secluded beach is perfect for taking it all off. Those who discover it often do, although there are days in the summer when very few or no one does. Still, if you're looking for a more relaxing beach to go nude, always check this one out.
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  • Fokos
  • Fokos Beach, Mykonos

    The remote location and nearly-deserted setting surrounded by a natural landscape, makes those who drive here (it’s only accessible by car) take it all off when they reach the sand. It’s faced by a taverna, but there’s enough privacy, and the only noise you’ll likely hear is that of the wind and the sea.
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    Nude Beaches in the Greek Islands

    Official Nude Beach, Greece

    In the more conservative corners of Greece, many locals (especially those of the older generations) still see nude sunbathing as obscene and provocative, but once someone takes it all off, it encourages another to do the same and then another, and suddenly you have a popular clothing-optional beach. So that you don’t offend the more sensitive locals, look for a spot away from the tavernas and the umbrellas. Also know that, in addition to Mykonos, there are other islands in the Cyclades known to be nudist-friendly:

  • Antiparos
  • Nude beach, Antiparos

    The Caribbean-like waters by the camping site of the island of Antiparos is an official nude beach, or so says a sign that welcomes you there. It says it’s been so since the 1970s, so if you choose this beach, make sure you’re not going with someone who isn’t willing to take it all off. Long-time nudists who found this beach and kept it as one of their havens resent it being “invaded” by “textiles.”
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  • Paros
  • Paros beach

    The clear waters and peaceful natural landscape of the huge-but-hidden beach of Lageri make it one of the Greek islands’ best beaches, but don’t tell anyone. You’ll want to enjoy this paradise without the crowds, and, if you’re a naturist, before the textile crowds invade it. It still only attracts a few well-informed tourists, mostly gay men, but also an increasing number of young straight couples.
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  • Naxos
  • Naxos beach

    The island of Naxos has one of the longest beaches in the Greek islands, and a large part of it is mostly nude. That’s Plaka, a rather wild beach but within a very short walking distance of other more crowded beaches and beachfront hotels. This beach attracts people of all ages, including families, who like to sunbathe and swim in the nude.
    A few kilometers south is the beach of Aliko, more secluded and with the shade of cedar trees. It’s often filled with nude couples.
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