Kapari Beach

A Small, Hidden Paradise

Kapari Beach, Mykonos

Although no longer a hidden secret, this remains a little-known beach. It’s a small paradise next to the popular Agios Ioannis beach, with the clean sand and waters you’re used to in Mykonos, but with a sense of seclusion (which is why it is nudist-friendly). If you’re unlucky to go on an unusually crowded day, when there’s no space on the sand, you can always sunbathe on the rocks. The usually-calm waters are good for swimming.
Although it has no restaurants or bars (you’ll have to go to Agios Ioannis for that, or make sure you take food and water), many end up staying here the entire day, due to the beautiful scenery that includes a view of the island of Delos and a wonderful sunset.

Kapari Beach, Mykonos

How to Get to Kapari Beach

There is no bus service to Kapari. To get there you have to head to Agios Ioannis, which does have a bus connecting it to Mykonos Town. In Agios Ioannis, keep walking to the right (when facing the sea) and, just a few feet past a white church, following a narrow dirt road, you see Kapari down the cliff. If you’re driving (follow the road to Ornos and then to Agios Ioannis), you may park on the road just before the rocks descend to the beach.

Hotels in Kapari Beach

There are no hotels in Kapari Beach, but there are many nearby, within walking distance, in Agios Ioannis. For a selection of the most recommended hotels in Agios Ioannis (and therefore also Kapari), look here: Agios Ioannis Beach Guide.