Gay Beaches in Mykonos

The Best Beaches for Gay Parties and LGBT Travelers

Gay Beach, Mykonos

Most beaches in Mykonos are gay-friendly, and for years the gay sun worshipers have flocked to Paradise and Super Paradise, before moving to Elia, which is now THE gay beach on the island. Neighboring Agrari gets those who can’t find a sunbed or a spot to spread their towel at Elia, and Panormos is also popular with gay couples. At Paraga, just up the hill from party beach Paradise, you’ll also see a small number of gay nude sunbathers. In between these are secluded coves, for those who prefer privacy away from the crowds.

    Elia Gay Beach, Mykonos

  • Elia
  • When you arrive at Elia, you don’t immediately get the sense that you’ve arrived at a mostly-gay beach. That’s because you first see it covered in sunbeds and umbrellas, usually taken over by gay and straight couples, and only when you start walking to the right do you find the gay and nude. In July and August, when many can’t find space for their towel, the rocks are an alternative to the sand. Continue going over the rocks, and you arrive at Agrari Beach.
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    Agrari Beach, Mykonos

  • Agrari
  • This beach is now a quieter alternative to Elia. It’s found right over the rocks, and is a popular cruising site. The reason to head in its direction, however, is the more peaceful and uncrowded atmosphere, with the same crystal-clear waters.
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    Paraga Beach, Mykonos

  • Paraga
  • It’s a small beach but it attracts all kinds of people, from the young crowds that get tired of neighboring Paradise Beach, to nudists. The gays tend to head towards the rocks on the south side.
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    Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

  • Super Paradise
  • It’s no longer the most popular beach for the gays, but its parties do still attract the gay party boys. The fun picks up late in the afternoon, with the gayest side being the far right, close to the beach club with pool.
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    Panormos Beach, Mykonos

  • Panormos
  • On the northern side of the island, away from the most popular beaches, is Panormos, which is growing in popularity. It now has a bus service from Mykonos Town, and a lively bar. Continue walking past the sunbeds, and at the far end of the beach you’ll find nudists, both gay and straight.
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Gay-Friendly Hotels and Apartments

Gay Hotel in Mykonos

Feel more comfortable staying at gay- or gay-friendly hotels and apartments, or perhaps you prefer to be surrounded by “like-minded” guests? These are the places for you, by the beaches or in the center of Mykonos: