Chora (Mykonos Town)

The Center and Capital of the Island

Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos’ picturesque capital is Chora (also known as “Mykonos Town” and “Hora”), a mostly pedestrian maze of narrow streets with cubic whitewashed houses. It’s essentially a traditional Cycladic village, with bougainvilleas, small white churches, and colorful windows, doors and balconies. The main street is Matogianni (or “Matoyanni”), lined with and surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and bars. Follow your instincts around the maze, and if you get lost, just keep walking and you’ll find your way out to the waterfront.
It’s rather quiet during the day, but is invaded by tourists in the afternoon, for the romantic sunset views by the famous windmills and the former fishermen’s houses in Little Venice. The restaurants and bars then serve meals and drinks well into the night.
Here you’ll find the two main bus terminals of the island which link you to the beaches.

Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Skandinavian Bar in Mykonos, Greece
Church in Mykonos, Greece

Where to Stay in Chora (Mykonos Town)

Although many choose to stay at beach hotels and resorts, many others prefer the center of the island, where they can be closer to a variety of restaurants and bars. Those relying on public transportation also find it more convenient, as they can simply hop on a bus and go directly to several beaches. If you’re looking for central hotels in Mykonos, look here:

Mykonos Town Hotels