Super Paradise Beach

Party beach for swimming and sunbathing

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Some guides say that this is a gay- and nudist-friendly beach, but that’s no longer true. The gay crowds have moved to Elia, and there’s usually no nudity. The beach club, however, does still attract gay men. Super Paradise is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and is covered in sunbeds and umbrellas. If you don’t like to lie so close to strangers you may not like this beach, but you may overlook that when you set foot in the water. It’s absolutely crystal clear, and although the beach still has somewhat of a party atmosphere (with the music volume raised in the afternoon), the water makes it also ideal for families with children.

How to Get to Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach Bus, Mykonos

This beach used to only be accessible to those with a car, but there is now usually a shuttle (pictured above) operated by the Super Paradise Club, departing from the bus terminal at Fabrika. For more information about the Mykonos bus terminals, look here: Mykonos Buses

Hotels in Super Paradise Beach

Lyo Boutique Hotel Mykonos

Lyo Boutique Hotel Mykonos

Beach views don’t get any better than those from this hotel standing above Super Paradise. It’s a beautiful hotel featuring stylish modern design, where guests enjoy drinks by the pool, eat in the open air, and work out with sea views.

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My Aktis Hotel, Mykonos

My Aktis Hotel

Sea views and/or outdoor hot tubs or private pools await you at this stylish hotel overlooking the beach. There are modern villas sleeping between 7 and 14 people, making this a good choice for groups, although couples will also enjoy the suites.

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Atlantis Beach Residence, Mykonos

Atlantis Beach Residence

The suites and double rooms at this property all have a sea view. It’s a place for peace and quiet with the beach a short walk away. There’s a swimming pool, and some of the units have an outdoor Jacuzzi.

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Nama Villas, Mykonos

Nama Villas

Almost all of the villas at this property have a sea view. Surrounded by a lovely garden, it’s a short walk from the beach, and has a pool and terraces where guests who prepare their food in the kitchenettes can have their meals.

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