The 30 Best Beaches in Mykonos (and the Most Beautiful)

The Guide to the Most Recommended and Most Beautiful Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations and the reason is obviously its sandy beaches. While many have been taken over by parasols and sunbeds for rent (at high prices and next to bars playing loud music), some remain refreshingly unspoiled. Those with seafront hotels attract families, and many are nudist-friendly. All offer wonderful swims in calm, crystal-clear waters, and several are perfect for water sports.

The best beaches are on the southern coast of the island, as they’re the most protected from the winds. However, those in the north are also beautiful and are usually less crowded.

The average water temperature on the island ranges from 16C to 25C (60F to 77F), depending on the time of year, but reaches about 27C (80F) in August.

The Best Beaches in Mykonos

  • Platys Gialos Beach
  • Platys Gialos Beach, Mykonos

    Beautiful and with crystal-clear waters, Platys Gialos (sometimes spelled Platis Yialos) is the best beach in Mykonos. It’s a convenient starting point to discover other beaches, on foot or on an hourly water taxi, and home to some of the best hotels on the island, located right by the sand and facing the sea. It has restaurants and bars serving meals and drinks throughout the day. This is not a party beach, but it has a lively atmosphere. Parasols and loungers cover most of the sand, and the shallow water is perfect for refreshing swims.

    Beach for: Couples, Families, Swimming

    How to Get to Platys Gialos: Frequent buses from Mykonos Town take about 15 minutes. You can also walk from the beaches of Agia Anna, Paraga and Paradise Beach, taking 15 to 20 minutes.

    Where to Stay in Platys Gialos:
    - Branco Mykonos Hotel - Stunning, highly-rated hotel right on the beach.
    - Mykonos Dove Beachfront Hotel - Romantic beachfront hotel with suites with private swimming pools.
    - Acrogiali Beach Hotel - A more moderately-priced hotel facing the sea, with family rooms.
    - Myconian Ambassador Hotel - Stylish hotel with a large pool overlooking the sea.
    - Palladium Hotel - Beautiful and romantic hotel for couples.

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  • Psarou Beach
  • Psarou Beach, Mykonos

    There’s a reason why this is currently Mykonos’ trendiest beach -- it’s great for swimming and offers a beautiful scenery. It can get crowded, but it's undoubtedly worth a look. By the luxurious yachts, you can tell that it’s the island’s most exclusive beach and the favorite of the rich and famous. You may even bump into a local or international celebrity. Naturally, everything (sunbed rentals and restaurants) is expensive, but worth the experience if you can afford it. It’s often the choice for a honeymoon or to impress a special someone.

    Beach for: Couples, Swimming

    How to Get to Psarou: Take the frequent bus from Mykonos Town to Platys Gialos and walk from there (it’s about 10 minutes). If you go by car, keep in mind that finding a parking spot by this beach isn’t easy. You can also reach it on a coastal walk from Paradise Beach, Paraga and Agia Anna.

    Where to Stay in Psarou:
    - Kensho Psarou - Trendy, beautifully-designed hotel just steps from the sea.
    - Colours of Mykonos Luxury Residences & Suites - Quiet and secluded hotel for couples.
    - Alissachni Mykonos Hotel - Overlooking the ocean and with suites with a private pool.

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  • Super Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

    It may get crowded and loud in the afternoon, but the crystal-clear water and the views are just perfect. Although it's a party beach, the calm waters also attract families and couples on honeymoon. Despite what other guides will tell you, this is not the gay beach on the island, but it remains a popular choice among gay men, due to the frequent gay-friendly parties. It’s almost entirely covered in sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

    Beach for: Couples, Swimming, Parties, Gay-Friendly

    How to Get to Super Paradise: Super Paradise Beach is a 15-minute drive from Mykonos Town. There’s parking right behind it, but you need to arrive early to guarantee a spot. There’s no public bus to this beach, but a private shuttle connected to the beach club now operates a service between the Fabrika bus terminal in the center of the island and the beach.

    Where to Stay in Super Paradise:
    - Lyo Boutique Hotel - Beautiful sea views and exceptional service.
    - Nimbus My Aktis Hotel - A breathtaking view over the beach and an infinity pool.
    - Super Paradise Suites - Overlooks the entire beach and has a trendy restaurant.

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  • Elia Beach
  • Elia Beach, Mykonos

    It's the largest beach on the island, with space for everyone. The turquoise water is always inviting, and nudity is common. It's known as Mykonos' "gay beach," but you'll see that it attracts all kinds of people. Much of it is taken over by umbrellas and sunbeds in the summer, but there’s a small section for those who prefer to lie in the sand. This sunbed-free section is usually the right side, close to the rocks which separate this beach from Agrari (see below), and is where you often see the rainbow flag and groups of men in their birthday suits.

    Beach for: Swimming, Gay-Friendly, Naturism

    How to Get to Elia: You can reach Elia in about 25 minutes by car from Mykonos Town. There’s plenty of parking. Alternatively, take the bus that departs around every 2 hours from the Old Port station.

    Where to Stay in Elia:
    - Elia Mykonos Resort - Right on the beach, with spacious rooms and a beachfront restaurant.
    - Royal Myconian - Romantic hotel with spectacular views.
    - Myconian Avaton - Design hotel with exceptional views.
    - Myconian Utopia - The honeymoon hotel in Elia, with a luxurious design.
    - Myconian Villa Collection - Luxury hotel, tastefully decorated in Cycladic style.
    - Arte & Mare Luxury Suites - Perfect for groups, with large suites and villas with sea views.

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  • Paradise Beach
  • Paradise Beach, Mykonos

    It's Mykonos’ famous party beach, filled with bars where the 20-somethings want to be at, day and night. It has plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop for beach essentials, as well as frequent bus connections to Mykonos Town. If you’re looking to dance and drink in addition to sunbathe and swim, this is where you’ll want to be. The party continues after the sun goes down and almost until sunrise, at the club above the beach. Once a popular gay destination, it’s now largely straight, as the gay crowds currently prefer Elia.

    Beach for: Parties, Swimming

    How to Get to Paradise Beach: Paradise is the beach with the most bus connections to Mykonos Town, until late at night. It’s just 20 minutes away. If you go by car, there’s parking just steps from the sand. You can also walk here from the beaches of Psarou, Platys Gialos, Agia Anna and Paraga, following the coastline.

    Where to Stay in Paradise Beach:
    - Tropicana Hotel - The only hotel in Paradise Beach, highly rated and right on the beachfront.
    - Lino Apartments - Apartments in a quiet location but a short walk from the beach.

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  • Paraga Beach
  • Paraga Beach, Mykonos

    This is the alternative to the famous Paradise Beach nearby, and also the choice for the beach club experience. It's also within walking distance of other beautiful and popular beaches (Agia Anna, Platys Gialos and Psarou), and easy to reach by bus. Although it has somewhat of a party atmosphere during the day, it’s relatively quiet at night. The right side is more secluded and tends to attract naturists.

    Beach for: Parties, Naturism

    How to Get to Paraga: Hourly buses take 15 minutes to reach this beach from Mykonos Town. There’s very limited parking if you go by car. If you’re driving, park behind Paradise Beach instead and then walk up the hill to Paraga.

    Where to Stay in Paraga:
    - Zephyros - A budget hotel with a 5-star location behind the beach.

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  • Ornos Beach
  • Ornos Beach, Mykonos

    It’s both the most family-friendly beach in Mykonos and one of the trendiest for young people and couples. It’s a frequent stop for boats and yachts, and has many places to eat and drink, as well as several attractive hotels and resorts. For this reason, it can get crowded in July and August. Its calm waters are great for swimming.

    Beach for: Couples, Families, Swimming

    How to Get to Ornos: Ornos is just 10 minutes by car from Mykonos Town and there are also buses departing every 60 minutes from the Fabrika terminal. You can also walk from Agios Ioannis Beach (see below).

    Where to Stay in Ornos:
    - Mykonos Ammos Hotel - Romantic hotel right on the beach.
    - Kensho Ornos Hotel - Boutique hotel for couples, just a 1-minute walk from the beach.
    - Kivotos - Luxury hotel with its own private beach.
    - Santa Marina Resort - Fabulous resort overlooking the sea.
    - Mykonos Blanc - Highly-rated beachfront hotel.
    - Myconian O - Stylish hotel with rooms with private pools.
    - Once in Mykonos - Luxury resort right above the beach.

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  • Kalo Livadi Beach
  • Kalo Livadi Beach, Mykonos

    It has always been one of Mykonos’ most popular beaches, but has become even more so since the opening of its Ibiza-inspired beach club. Still, it’s not exactly a party beach, it’s a place attracting a cosmopolitan crowd of all ages looking to enjoy the calm waters. It’s quieter and offers more space than other beaches nearby, and is a popular site for kayaking and paddling.

    Beach for: Families, Swimming, Water Sports

    How to Get to Kalo Livadi: Bus service to this beach depends on demand. There are some years when the local bus company offers regular buses, and others when you can only go by car. The buses depart from the Old Port terminal, so always check there. By car you’re here in 25 minutes from Mykonos Town, and there’s parking right above the beach.

    Where to Stay in Kalo Livadi:
    - Mykonos Bliss - For adults only, this is a romantic hotel with sea views.
    - Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort - Suites with private pools, a short walk from the beach and overlooking the sea.
    - Aegon Mykonos - A luxurious hotel right on the beach.
    - Sea Side Studios & Houses - Good-value studios and apartments overlooking the entire beach.

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  • Panormos Beach
  • Panormos Beach, Mykonos

    A former hidden secret, this remains a largely wild beach, perfect for naturists. Those tend to stay at the far end, while the area close to the parking lot has an attractive bar for music and drinks in addition to sunbathing on loungers. The location on the northern side of the island means that this is a windier beach and the sea can be rougher, but on the days when the water is calm, it’s one of the best and most relaxing beaches in all of Mykonos.

    Beach for: Naturism, Gay-Friendly

    How to Get to Panormos: There used to be a bus service to this beach, but it ended in 2020. You need to go by car, and the ride from Mykonos Town takes less than 15 minutes. There’s a large parking lot behind the beach.

    Where to Stay in Panormos:
    - Panormos Village - Studios and apartments with a beautiful view over the sea and the beach.
    - The Etesian Hotel - Contemporary suites above the beach, with a sea view.
    - Albatros Club Mykonos - Good-value hotel with a scenic view above the entire beach.

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  • Agios Sostis Beach
  • Agios Sostis Beach, Mykonos

    It’s the farthest beach from the more popular southern coast, so it’s relatively quiet and nudist-friendly. Unfortunately, word of mouth has made it more crowded, so it’s no longer for those seeking seclusion in July and August. Just like its neighbor Panormos (see above), it can be windy, but the water is often great for swimming.

    Beach for: Couples, Naturism

    How to Get to Agios Sostis: There are no buses to Agios Sostis, so you need to go by car (it’s about 15 minutes from Mykonos Town). There’s parking by the road above the beach. You can also walk up the road from Panormos (see above), taking about 15 minutes.

    Where to Stay in Agios Sostis:
    - Mykonos Lolita - Cycladic-style hotel with stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

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  • Agios Ioannis Beach
  • Agios Ioannis Beach, Mykonos

    This is a narrow, rather secluded and beautiful beach. Although it's easy to reach by bus and there are good hotels nearby, it's usually quieter and less crowded than the other major beaches on the island. The clear and shallow waters are good for swimming and snorkeling, and child-friendly.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Swimming, Families

    How to Get to Agios Ioannis: Buses depart hourly from the Fabrika terminal in Mykonos Town, stopping a short walk from the beach. It’s just 10 minutes by car. You can also walk from Ornos (see above).

    Where to Stay in Agios Ioannis:
    - Anax Resort & Spa - Highly-rated resort with a private beach.
    - Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort - A literally grand and luxurious hotel right on the beach.
    - St. John Hotel - Resort with sea views and a huge infinity pool.
    - Lithos by Spyros & Flora - One of the highest-rated hotels on the island.
    - Bill & Coo Coast Suites - Romantic suites and a water's edge swimming pool.
    - Katikies Mykonos - Beautiful luxury hotel with sea views.
    - DeLight Boutique Hotel - Boutique hotel with suites for couples.

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  • Agrari Beach
  • Agrari Beach, Mykonos

    This is a long and picturesque beach, with a traditional white chapel. It’s right next to the very popular Elia (see above), but much quieter. What it does have in common with its neighbor is the fact that it’s clothing-optional and attracts a significant number of gay men. The water is often perfect for swimming.

    Beach for: Naturism, Gay-Friendly, Swimming

    How to Get to Agrari: Agrari is 25 minutes by car from Mykonos Town. There are no buses to this beach, but you may take the bus to Elia from the Old Port terminal, then walk over the rocks for just 5 minutes.

    Where to Stay in Agrari:
    - Ethereal Apartments - Traditional Cycladic-style studios just steps from the beach.
    - Sunrise Hotel and Suites - Budget hotel but right on the beach.

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  • Kalafatis Beach
  • Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos

    Popular among windsurfers and families, this is the beach for you if you enjoy water sports or are traveling with the kids. It's by a tiny fishing village, and feels less touristy than other popular beaches on the island. It remains less developed, but has a few hotels and restaurants.

    Beach for: Families, Water Sports

    How to Get to Kalafatis: An infrequent bus goes from the Old Port to this beach. By car, it’s 25 minutes from Mykonos Town.

    Where to Stay in Kalafatis:
    - Wild Hotel - Clifftop hotel with a private beach and an infinity pool.
    - Anemoessa Mykonos - Highly-rated hotel with traditional architecture and sea views.

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  • Lia Beach
  • Lia Beach, Mykonos

    It was once a well-kept secret, but has become a trendy destination, especially after international publications ranked it among the best beaches in Greece. It’s the farthest beach from the center of Mykonos Town, but its crystal-clear waters are now recognized as perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Its bar-club-restaurant provides sunbeds and a chill-out soundtrack.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Water Sports

    How to Get to Lia Beach: Lia Beach can not be reached by bus. However, the 25-minute car journey through the countryside from Mykonos Town is quite pleasant. You’ll find plenty of parking when you arrive.

    Where to Stay in Lia Beach:
    - Vila Nautilia - Scenic boutique hotel in a quiet location, close to the beach.
    - VLIA MAR Myconian Residences - Apartments with views, just steps from the beach.
    - VLIA Myconian Residences - Traditional, fully-equipped apartments with sea views.

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  • Kapari Beach
  • Kapari Beach, Mykonos

    This small, secluded beach, found at the bottom of a cliff, was once a secret, but hidden paradises are always discovered, so in July and August it can get crowded. Outside those months it usually provides a relaxed atmosphere for refreshing swims in clear waters. It has no facilities of any kind, so bring water and snacks. The beautiful scenery includes a view of the island of Delos.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Naturism

    How to Get to Kapari: Kapari is less than 15 minutes by car from Mykonos Town. You may park on the road just before the descent to the beach. If you’re relying on public transportation, take the bus from the Fabrika terminal in Mykonos Town to the beach of Agios Ioannis, then walk up the road, to the right, from there.

    Where to Stay in Kapari:
    - Bill & Coo Coast Suites - The closest hotel to Kapari, with romantic suites.
    - DeLight Boutique Hotel - A delightful boutique hotel for couples.

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  • Agios Stefanos Beach
  • Agios Stefanos Beach, Mykonos

    The closest major beach to the port, it offers shallow waters and romantic sunset views. Because of its central and wind-protected location, it can often be crowded with people of all ages, who relax as the ships go by.

    Beach for: Families, Swimming, Water Sports

    How to Get to Agios Stefanos: A regular bus goes from the Old Terminal to this beach. If you’re going by car, it takes 15 minutes to reach from Mykonos Town.

    Where to Stay in Agios Stefanos:
    - Grace Mykonos Hotel - Stylish hotel overlooking the beach.
    - Mykonos Princess Hotel - Romantic suites with sea views.
    - Rocabella Mykonos Hotel - Design hotel with amazing sea views.

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  • Agia Anna Beach (Paraga)
  • Agia Anna Beach, Mykonos

    The first of two Agia Anna beaches is a small beach between Paraga and Platys Gialos, offering a quieter and relaxing experience. If you enjoy walks by the sea, this is a good place to start, as you can walk from here to other beaches. Many people choose the large rocks to sunbathe, but most prefer to spend their time swimming in the calm waters.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Swimming

    How to Get to Agia Anna: Take the bus to Paraga from the Fabrika terminal in Mykonos Town, then keep walking to the right, along the coast. You may also take the bus to Platys Gialos and walk to the left. By car, it takes 10 minutes from Mykonos Town.

    Where to Stay in Agia Anna:
    - Agia Anna on the Beach - Mykonian-style complex right on the beach.
    - Almyra Guest Houses - Good-value studios on a hilltop, overlooking the sea.
    - Maganos Apartments - Budget apartments above the beach.

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  • Agia Anna Beach (Kalafatis)
  • Agia Anna Beach, Mykonos

    Off the beaten path, this second Agia Anna is by Kalafatis and known for a restaurant nearby serving fresh fish. Once quiet, it can now get crowded in July and August, and is filled with parasols and sunbeds.

    Beach for: Swimming

    How to Get to Agia Anna: Take the bus from the Old Port terminal to Kalafatis, then walk from there (to the right when facing the sea, for about 5 minutes). By car from Mykonos Town it takes 25 minutes.

    Where to Stay in Agia Anna:
    - The Wild Hotel - It has its own private beach, but this well-designed clifftop hotel is just a short walk from Agia Anna.

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  • Fokos Beach
  • Fokos Beach, Mykonos

    Mykonos' wildest and most remote beach is actually not that far from the center of the island, but remains its last “undiscovered” beach. It’s nudist-friendly, and while it can be windy, there’s no more peaceful spot on the island. There are no facilities except for a very recommended restaurant. It’s not the best for swimming, as the sea here can be choppy, but the natural landscape and atmosphere is worth the trip.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Naturism

    How to Get to Fokos: There are no buses to Fokos, so you need to go by car. It’s 20 minutes from Mykonos Town, and there’s parking by the restaurant.

    Where to Stay in Fokos:
    - Aeolos Resort - There are no hotels by Fokos, but this amazing resort is by the road that takes you there.
    - Hermes Mykonos Hotel - It offers some of the best views of Mykonos and is by the road to Fokos.

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  • Ftelia Beach
  • Ftelia Beach, Mykonos

    It’s quite a large beach, but remains nearly deserted due to frequent winds. The few people who make it here tend to be bohemians and windsurfers, who enjoy drinks, meals, and a wonderful view of the crystal-clear sea from the bar. Only a small section has sunbeds, so you’ll have plenty of space to spread your towel.

    Beach for: Relaxing, Water Sports

    How to Get to Ftelia: There are no buses to Ftelia, but it’s less than 20 minutes by car from Mykonos Town. It has a large parking lot.

    Where to Stay in Ftelia:
    - Ftelia Bay Hotel - Boutique hotel located 3 minutes by car or a 15-minute walk from the beach.

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  • Megali Ammos Beach
  • Megali Ammos Beach, Mykonos

    The closest beach to the center of Mykonos Town (the only one within walking distance) is mostly for those staying at the hotels nearby, but it’s also a relaxing spot if you want to sunbathe with a view of the island’s iconic windmills. It’s never crowded but can be windy. There are days when it’s perfect for windsurfing.

    Beach for: Sunbathing, Water Sports

    How to Get to Megali Ammos: It’s just a 10-to-15-minute walk from anywhere in the center of Mykonos Town, to the south of the Fabrika bus terminal.

    Where to Stay in Megali Ammos:
    - Mykonos Bay Resort - A romantic, traditionally Cycladic complex with a pool facing the beach.
    - Grand Beach Hotel - Spacious rooms with panoramic views of the beach and the island.
    - Hotel Adonis - Conveniently located for the center of town and with views of Mykonos’ iconic windmills.
    - Rochari Hotel - Highly-rated hotel with a splendid view of the island and the sea.

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  • Old Port Beach
  • Old Port Beach, Mykonos

    It’s a small stretch of sand, but it’s right by the old port, so for many tourists it’s an irresistible stop. The views also help, so it’s a picturesque destination before heading to the bigger and sandier beaches of the island. If you’re staying at a hotel nearby, you might also want to relax here after a walk around the maze of Mykonos Town.

    Beach for: Sunbathing, Views

    How to Get to the Old Port Beach: You’ll find it between Little Venice and the Old Port bus terminal.

    Where to Stay by the Old Port Beach:
    - Harmony Boutique Hotel - Perfectly-located boutique hotel with sea and island views.
    - The TownHouse Mykonos - One of the highest-rated hotels in the entire island.

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Secret Beaches

Are there still secret beaches in such a popular destination like Mykonos? Yes, there are! In addition to the 22 “official” beaches listed above, there are 8 other secluded or remote beaches to discover! Some are surprisingly found next to very popular spots, while others are way off the beaten path, down long dirt roads. You’ll need a car to reach most of them.

Divounia Beach - This small beach is by a tiny fishing community with whitewashed houses, found between the beaches of Kalafatis and Agia Anna. Almost no one comes here, so you can lie on the pebbles and hear nothing but nature around you. When you get hungry, head to one of the two tavernas and enjoy the fresh fish. Nearby, you’ll see a sign indicating that here are remains of a prehistoric settlement. To get here, take the bus to Kalafatis, then walk to the right.

Glyfadi Beach - This tiny beach is hidden not far from Ornos and Agios Ioannis. Partly sandy and partly pebbled, it’s a very serene place, almost exclusively frequented by local families. It does have a few parasols and sunbeds, but the lack of space means that many people end up sunbathing on the rocks. The only way to get here is by car.

Houlakia Beach - The left side has some sand, but this beach is mostly covered in pebbles and rocks. That may not make it the most inviting for sunbathing, but it does have a beautiful scenery, especially at sunset. It’s located to the north of the port, and can only be reached by car. Your only public transportation option is the bus to Agios Stefanos, but then you have to walk for 20 minutes to the north.

Merchia Beach - Located in the northeastern part of the island, this small bay is for those looking to go way off the beaten bath. It’s an escape from the crowds, as there’s nothing but a few fishermen houses and a chapel nearby (bring water and food!). It doesn’t offer much sand, but there’s plenty of space for you to spread your towel and enjoy the sun, surrounded by nature. The access is only by car, through a dirt road. It’s recommended that you combine a trip here with stops at Fokos and Mersini, the closest beaches, further north.

Mersini Beach - This small, secluded beach (sometimes spelled “Mirsini”) is right next to Fokos. You have to drive down a bumpy road to get here, but the reward is peace and privacy. It’s frequented by naturists, who enjoy swimming in the shallow and crystal-clear waters. There are no parasols or sunbeds to rent, and no restaurants or bars. You have to bring an umbrella if you prefer shade and enough water and snacks if you plan to spend some time here.

Tigani Beach - The easternmost beach in Mykonos is usually deserted. It’s divided into two sections -- Pano Tigani and Kato Tigani -- and is very secluded and completely surrounded by nature. The water is clear but colder than at other parts of the island. It’s for those looking to get away from it all, and mostly attracts couples, straight and gay. You have to bring everything you need for a day at the beach, as there are no shops or restaurants in the vicinity. The access is via a long dirt road.

Korfos Beach - Found just a few feet from Ornos, this beach has strong winds, which form larger waves. This means that it’s a windsurfing beach and not the best for swimming. Unless you’re into windsurfing, you might have no reason to come here, but when Ornos is too crowded, this can be a more relaxing alternative. To get here, take the bus to Agios Ioannis/Ornos, then walk north.

Agios Lazaros Beach - This small beach is located between Ornos and Psarou. It’s almost a private beach for the inhabitants of the villas behind it, but if you’re looking for a quieter spot away from the more crowded neighbors, it’s also a beach for you.

How to Get to the Best Beaches in Mykonos

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

If you enjoy long walks, you can follow the coastal footpaths between several beaches. Starting at the popular Paradise Beach, climb up the cliff to Paraga. From there you can reach Agia Anna, followed by Platys Gialos and Psarou. You can obviously also start at Psarou and do the reverse. To go from the first to the last beach on this hike, it takes close to one hour. If you're staying in Mykonos Town, it's recommended that you take the bus to Paradise Beach, and for your return take the bus from Platys Gialos.
Another way to experience several beaches on the same day is to go on an organized beaches tour.

Most beaches can be reached by bus from Mykonos Town, although many people choose to rent a car and explore more of the island.

There’s also a water taxi service which picks up and drops off passengers at seven of the most popular beaches on the southern coast. It runs every hour from 10am to early evening (the 5pm hour), between late May and mid-October. Tickets are 10 euros to go to one beach and return, and 20 euros for all-day, all-beach access. It takes cash only, and you pay as you board. The main departure beach is Platys Gialos, as it’s the only one with a cement dock. At the other beaches there’s a floating dock or passengers wade through the water to board. Those other beaches are Ornos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia.

Mykonos Beaches - Frequently Asked Questions

Which beaches have buses from and to the center of the island (Chora/Mykonos Town)?

The beaches with frequent buses are Paradise, Paraga, Platys Gialos, Agios Ioannis, Ornos, and Agios Stefanos. Beaches with less frequent buses (often just about half a dozen per day) are Elia, Kalafatis and Super Paradise.
The beaches of Panormos and Kalo Livadi have buses when there’s demand. Sometimes they have about a handful of buses per day, but there are years when there are none.
Beaches with no bus services but that can easily be walked to from another beach with bus are Psarou, Agrari, Agios Sostis, Kapari, and the two Agia Anna beaches.
Beaches that can only be reached by car are Lia, Fokos and Ftelia.
For the bus schedules, look here: Mykonos Buses

Can you walk around Mykonos?

From Mykonos Town, you can walk to Megali Ammos Beach and the Old Port Beach. On the southern coast of the island, you can walk to five beaches -- Paradise Beach, Paraga, Agia Anna, Platys Gialos and Psarou. These five are some of the best and most popular, and walking along the coast between them is a highlight of any visit to Mykonos. Other beaches within walking distance of each other are Agios Ioannis and Kapari, and Elia and Agrari. Take a look at the map at the bottom of this page to locate them all.

What are the quietest beaches in Mykonos?

To relax in peace and quiet, away from the crowds, the most recommended beaches are Fokos, Ftelia, and Agios Sostis. However, these are on the northern part of the island, which can be windy. On a calmer day, however, they can be blissful.

What are the most popular beaches in Mykonos?

The most popular beaches in Mykonos are those on the southern coast, with more hotels and bars. They are Platys Gialos, Psarou, Ornos, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise, and Elia.

Are the beaches in Mykonos free?

All beaches in Mykonos are public and free. You only pay for the sunbeds and parasols if you choose to rent them (and they can be expensive). All beaches have free space for you to spread your towel, so you can spend a day at the beach in Mykonos without spending a penny.

What are the best beaches for parties and with the best bars and clubs?

The party beaches in Mykonos are Paradise and Super Paradise. The beaches of Paraga, Psarou, Platys Gialos, Ornos, and Elia also have lively bars.

Which beaches have the best hotels in Mykonos?

If you want to stay at a beachfront hotel, choose one in Platys Gialos, Ornos, Elia, or Super Paradise. You can find the best options below:

Staying at the Best Beaches in Mykonos

Several of the beaches have hotels right by the sand, while others are just a short walk away. Those with beachfront hotels tend to be more crowded but usually also offer more places to eat and drink. If you want to wake up right on the beach, check out these hotels:


Mykonos Beaches Map

Mykonos Beaches Map

Mykonos Beaches Guides

The very best beach for you depends on whether you prefer a quieter beach or a party atmosphere; if you like to swim or lie in the sun all day. For specific types of beaches, check out the following guides: