Honeymoon in Mykonos

Romantic Things to Do and Places to Stay

Mykonos Honeymoon

Although Mykonos is not as popular as Santorini as a honeymoon destination, it’s still one of the top choices for newlyweds on the Mediterranean. It preserves its traditional whitewashed architecture, offers magnificent beaches, has an impressive number of beautiful hotels, and is home to some unforgettable sunsets. That all gives it a romantic atmosphere, and then there are its picturesque pedestrian streets filled with shops and restaurants. Couples walk hand in hand after a day at the beach, and take selfies as they toast with a drink at one of the many hip bars. Whether you just got married, are celebrating an anniversary, or are simply going on a romantic getaway, you’ll be glad you chose Mykonos.

When choosing the best place to stay, you’ll probably want a hotel by the beach, but don’t overlook romantic Little Venice or the center of Mykonos Town. On such a special occasion, you probably won’t mind splurging on a little luxury and pampering, so consider a hotel with a spa for massage treatments (the majority of luxury hotels have them) and, of course, a honeymoon suite.

For a special day out and the best photos, consider going on a boat tour. Many of them pass by the most popular beaches, and you may also add activities like snorkeling.
End your day by the famous windmills and Little Venice for the most romantic sunset views. Then walk through the maze of streets around Little Venice, and you’ll find several perfect restaurants for a dinner for two.

The Most Romantic Beaches in Mykonos

Since you’ll probably be spending most of your time at the beach, make sure you go to the right one. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, choose Agia Anna. There are actually two beaches with that name, one to the east by a fishing port, and another in the south by Paraga. Both are off the beaten path, and where you can lie in the sun with just the sound of the sea. If you prefer a livelier beach, choose Super Paradise. You’ll find it covered with sunbeds, so there’s not much space and privacy, but the water is just perfect and the views are beautiful. Alternatively, head to Panormos, a beach with sunbeds and a beach club atmosphere on one side, and wild and nudist-friendly on the other. If you enjoy swimming nude, this is the beach for you. If you’re a gay couple, you’ll probably be more comfortable at Elia.


Romantic hotel in Mykonos

Romantic Places to Stay in Mykonos

As a popular honeymoon destination, couples have lots of options in Mykonos when it comes to accommodation. If you want extra privacy or to prepare your own meals, consider an apartment or villa. For especially romantic hotels, look here: