Where to Stay in Mykonos

Best Areas and Recommendations for Every Traveler and Budget

Mykonos offers beautiful places to stay in all categories, from budget to luxury. Many preserve a distinctive Cycladic architecture and style, and most overlook the center of the island and the Aegean Sea, or face the beach. They're also more expensive than those in other Greek islands, but the earlier you book, the better prices you get.
In most cases they only have a few rooms, especially the boutique hotels in Mykonos Town, but there are also large resort hotels closer to the main beaches, many with luxurious suites and spas. Those who prefer to experience the island like locals, have the options of apartments or even entire villas.

Best Areas and Beach Towns to Stay in Mykonos

Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel by the windmills

One of the most common questions is which side of Mykonos is best. That would be the southern side, either in Mykonos Town or the beaches of Ornos, Platys Gialos, and Psarou. The quiet part of Mykonos is the northeastern, which includes the beaches of Panormos and Agios Sostis. Below are detailed descriptions of the best beaches to stay and their most recommended hotels.

Mykonos Accommodation - Quick Tips

The Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos are: Branco Mykonos, Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

The Best Boutique Hotels in Mykonos are: Lyo Boutique Hotel Mykonos, Nissaki Boutique Hotel, Myconian Kyma

The Best Moderately-Priced Beach Hotels in Mykonos are: Acrogiali Beach Hotel, Deliades Hotel, Zephyros Hotel

The Best Budget Hotels in Mykonos are: Matina Hotel, Carbonaki Hotel, Markos Beach Hotel

The Most Romantic Hotels in Mykonos are: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, Royal Myconian, Greco Philia Hotel

The Best Gay-Friendly Hotels in Mykonos are: Elysium Hotel, Rochari Hotel, Mykonos Town Suites

The Best Hotels for Families in Mykonos are: Semeli Hotel, Artemoula's Studios, Filoxenia Apartments

The Best Resorts in Mykonos are: Anax Resort and Spa, Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, Santa Marina

The Best Apartments in Mykonos are: Fabrikas, Chill Out Studio, Little Venice Suites

Beach with the Best Hotels: Platys Gialos (see recommendations below)

Best Places for Couples or Honeymoon: Super Paradise, Platys Gialos, Psarou (see recommendations below)

Best Places for Families: Ornos, Platys Gialos, Kalafatis (see recommendations below)

Best Places for Nightlife: Mykonos Town and Paradise Beach (see recommendations below)

Staying in Mykonos Town

If you want to be close to the island’s vibrant nightlife, stay in Mykonos Town. There are buses to most of the main beaches from there, and for the other beaches with no bus services you can easily go by car and arrive in just a few minutes. This is the part of the island where you find most of the main attractions, such as the famous windmills, Little Venice's waterfront bars and restaurants, and the maze of pretty pedestrian-only streets.

The 5 most recommended hotels in Mykonos Town are:
- Belvedere Hotel (magnificent views!)
- Fresh Boutique Hotel (right in the pedestrianized center!)
- Semeli Hotel (highly rated!)
- Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel (facing the windmills!; pictured above)
- Hotel Adonis (close to the bus station!)

Where to Stay by the Beach

If you prefer to stay right by the beach, in a resort atmosphere, choose one of the more developed beaches, such as Ornos, Platys Gialos, and Psarou. To be close to the sand, but in a quieter environment, choose the hotels in Elia, Kalafatis or Paraga.

Staying in Ornos

Kivotos Ornos, Mykonos

Ornos is just 3km south of Mykonos Town (accessible by bus), and offers a number of boutique hotels. It is popular with couples, but also with families, and is within walking distance of two other calmer beaches.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Ornos are:
- Kensho Ornos Hotel (the choice for couples!)
- Kivotos (with its own private beach!; pictured above)
- Mykonos Ammos Hotel (it's right on the sand!)

Staying in Platys Gialos

Branco Mykonos in Platys Gialos

A similar mix of couples and families is found in Platys Gialos, with several restaurants and hotels right on the sand, ranging from the more reasonably-priced (for Mykonos) to the luxurious. You can walk to a number of other southern beaches from there, and there's a frequent bus service to Mykonos Town.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Platys Gialos are:
- Branco Mykonos Hotel (stunning!; pictured above)
- Mykonos Dove Beachfront Hotel (romantic!)
- Acrogiali Beach Hotel (facing the sea!)

Staying in Psarou

Kensho Psarou, Mykonos

Psarou is where the rich and famous stay in Mykonos. It's a trendy beach that tends to attract young couples, many of them on honeymoon. Almost everything here is expensive, but you're rewarded with beautiful views. If you're a honeymooning couple or are simply looking for a special holiday for two, take a look at the island's most romantic hotels.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Psarou are:
- Kensho Psarou (just steps from the sea!; pictured above)
- Colours of Mykonos Luxury Residences & Suites (quiet and secluded!)
- Alissachni Mykonos Hotel (overlooking the ocean!)

Staying in Elia

Elia Mykonos Resort

Those staying in Elia (also connected by bus to Mykonos Town) will have to enjoy beach parties and be confortable with nudity, as a large number of the sunbathers here are in their birthday suits. This is the favorite of gay travelers, but you'll also see many straight couples of all ages enjoying this long beach with shallow waters. If you're gay, take a look at your options of gay-friendly hotels on the island.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Elia are:
- Elia Mykonos Resort (right on the beach!; pictured above)
- Royal Myconian (spectacular views!)
- Arte & Mare Luxury Suites (perfect for groups!)

Staying in Paraga

Soho Roc House Mykonos

Paraga also mixes gay and straight at its welcoming beach club. It only has a couple of hotels, but it's well located between a couple of the island's most popular beaches (just 5-to-10-minute walks). A frequent bus connects it to Mykonos Town.

The 2 hotels in Paraga are:
- Soho Roc House Mykonos (romantic design hotel!; pictured above)
- Zephyros (good value!)

Staying in Kalafatis

Wild Hotel in Kalafatis, Mykonos

Kalafatis is a little farther from the center, but one of the best choices if you're going as a family (see the most recommended family hotels in Mykonos). It has a bus service to Mykonos Town.

The 2 most recommended hotels in Kalafatis are:
- Wild Hotel (with an infinity pool!; pictured above)
- Anemoessa Mykonos (traditional and welcoming!)

Staying in Super Paradise

My Aktis Hotel in Super Paradise, Mykonos

Super Paradise is a sheltered cove that has grown in popularity thanks to its famous bar and club. It’s not the quietest beach, but the hillside hotels overlooking its crystal-clear waters offer enough peace and relaxation. A shuttle connects you to Mykonos Town.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Super Paradise are:
- Lyo Boutique Hotel (beautiful sea views!)
- My Aktis Hotel (breathtaking!; pictured above)
- Super Paradise Suites (overlooks the entire beach!)

Staying in Paradise Beach

Tropicana Hotel in Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos’ “party beach” isn’t where you want to stay if you like peace and quiet. Not that there are many places to stay there anyway. Because there’s almost 24-hour partying, there are more bars and clubs than hotels. Thankfully, if you want to relax in the sun or with a few drinks at this famous beach, there are frequent buses from the center of the island.

The 2 places to stay in Paradise are:
- Tropicana Hotel (highly rated and right on the beach!; pictured above)
- Lino Apartments (in a quiet location!)

Staying in Agios Ioannis

St. John Hotel in Agios Ioannis, Mykonos

Relatively quiet compared to the other main beaches, Agios Ioannis is also the gateway to Kapari, one of the “secret” beaches of the island. Staying here is going somewhat off the beaten path, but there’s a number of hotels with sea views, and you always have the choice of one beach or the other. It also has a bus service to Mykonos Town.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Agios Ioannis are:
- Anax Resort & Spa (with a private beach!)
- Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort (grand indeed!)
- St. John Hotel (huge infinity pool!; pictured above)

Staying in Agios Stefanos

Rocabella Mykonos Hotel in Agios Stefanos

The beach closest to the port isn’t many people’s top choice, but it’s protected from the winds and offers a nice sunset view. It’s also well connected by bus to the center of the island and there are actually some great hotels nearby.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Agios Stefanos are:
- Grace Mykonos Hotel (stylish!)
- Mykonos Princess Hotel (romantic suites with sea views!)
- Rocabella Mykonos Hotel (amazing sea views!; pictured above)

Staying in Megali Ammos

Mykonos Bay Resort in Megali Ammos

The only major beach within walking distance of Mykonos Town offers a view of the island’s iconic windmills. It can be windy but is never crowded, and an advantage of staying here is being just a short walk from a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as the bus terminal that connects you to other beaches.

The 3 most recommended hotels in Megali Ammos are:
- Mykonos Bay Resort (romantic and right on the beach!; pictured above)
- Grand Beach Hotel (with panoramic views of the beach and the island!)
- Rochari Hotel (highly rated and with splendid views!)

Are there any all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Mykonos?

Mykonos doesn’t have all-inclusive hotels. However, if you want to stay somewhere with a wide variety of facilities and all-day services, typical of all-inclusive hotels and resorts, you should stay at the St. John Hotel, the Santa Marina Resort, the Anax Resort, the Royal Myconian, or the Petasos Beach Resort.

Is Mykonos Expensive?

Hotels in Mykonos are not cheap. In July and August, double rooms cost between 150 to 350 euros, and more for top-end hotels. Never arrive without reservation, as there will be few available rooms anywhere on the island, and prices can be quite high. Also keep in mind that some hotels insist on a minimum stay during peak season, usually two nights.
Restaurant prices are also above average (for Greece and similar destinations), but there are still places where you can eat at a reasonable cost.

New Hotels to Stay in Mykonos

The number of hotels in Mykonos keeps on growing each year. The most recent properties (opened in the last few years years) are concentrated in Mykonos Town, but there are also a few new options right on the beach. One of those is the beautiful Kensho Psarou, and then there's the The Wild on its own private beach, the Nomad Mykonos in Kalo Livadi, and The Etesian, the first hotel in Panormos. In 2021, the Ibiza-inspired Destino Pacha opened above Agios Stefanos, and Kalesma Mykonos and Aeonic Suites and Spa in Ornos. In 2022, the Myconian O and the Once in Mykonos Luxury Resort opened their doors in Ornos and the Archipelagos All Suites opened in Elia.

Booking Hotels and Resorts in Mykonos

Mykonos hotels start getting their first significant number of bookings for the summer early in the year. That means that in order to guarantee availability and the best prices, you should always consider booking six months in advance -- between January and March for stays between June and August. Rates increase as demand does. Most hotels allow free cancellation, but always check that before booking. See what’s still available right now: