Panagia Paraportiani Church

The perfect Cycladic monument

Panagia Paraportiani Church in Mykonos, Greece

There are literally dozens of small churches scattered around Mykonos, all with their snow-white exteriors, and often with small colorful domes. But the most iconic of all is Panagia Paraportiani, dating back to the 1400s, found facing the sea at the entrance to Chora (the location is reflected in the name, which means “Our Lady of the Side Gate”). It’s considered a perfect example of Cycladic architecture, and is classified as a national monument. Unfortunately it’s usually closed, but the main attraction is its exterior anyway. Its asymmetrical shape is due to it actually being five tiny churches squeezed together -- four below and one above. At the center is the church of Agios Efstathios, surrounded by the churches of Agia Anastasia, Agios Anargyros (the first one to be built, in the late 1300s) and Agios Sozon, and with the Church of the Virgin Mary standing out at the top with a dome.
In its surroundings, you may bump into the island's mascot, Peter the Pelican.

Panagia Paraportiani Church in Mykonos, Greece Panagia Paraportiani Church in Mykonos, Greece