Mykonos Transportation Guide

Getting to and around the island

Mykonos Cruise Port

Mykonos Port

It’s easy to get to Mykonos and to get around the island. There are ferries from Athens and other Greek islands, as well as flights from the Greek capital and other major cities in Europe. The main beaches are then accessible by bus, although many choose to rent a car or bike.

Mykonos Town signs

In Chora, the center of the island, which is also known as Mykonos Town, walking is the only way to get around the maze of narrow streets, as no cars are permitted in them. Outside that old center, you either have to rely on the buses that make a few stops around the island as they head to the beaches, or need to have your own car or bike.

Taxis in Mykonos

Mykonos Taxi Station

There are taxis in Mykonos, but their number is limited, especially at night, and they can be expensive for longer-distance journeys (from Mykonos Town to the more distant beaches, for example). The best places to find them is by the Fabrika bus station, or behind the Archaeological Museum by the Old Port.
Uber does not operate in Mykonos.

Getting to Mykonos from Athens

There are different ports in Athens and different companies operating ferries to Mykonos. It may seem a bit confusing to first-time visitors, but here’s everything you need to know about going from Athens to Mykonos, by ferry or plane:

From Athens to Mykonos

Arriving at Mykonos Airport

Mykonos has a small airport right in the center of the island. Know how to get there, and how to go from there to your hotel:

Mykonos Airport

Arriving in Mykonos Port on a Ferry

Mykonos Port Bus

Many hotels provide transfers from the port, but you may also book private transfers. Alternatively, wait for the public bus (pictured above), that goes to the bus terminal and you may walk to your hotel from there. Know more details about arriving in Mykonos, including how to book a ferry and about the port you’ll be arriving at, here:

Mykonos Port

Mykonos Buses

Mykonos Bus Terminal

There are two bus terminals in the center of Mykonos, with services to the most popular beaches during the late spring and summer season. If you’re not renting a car, you need to know this:

Mykonos Buses

Boat Tours Around Mykonos

Perhaps the best way to get to and see several of the island’s beaches in one trip is joining one of the popular boat tours:

Boat Tours